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    Psychological Counselling

    Motherhood Psychological counselling is necessary for patients undergoing infertility treatments to ensure that their anxiety and stress levels are not aggravated. The counsellor finds where the problem lies and helps the couple in dealing with it. If the couple has different counselling needs, then they are treated accordingly in individual sessions before beginning the couple counselling. The counsellor makes notes of it to study and find a solution best suited to them.

    The counsellor also studies the emotional changes and desires of the patient and help in strengthening them. They help the patient in improving their social relationship as well as the relationship between the couple which has been disturbed due to the stress of infertility. The therapy is continued till the time the patient attains a stable state of mind and their social and personal relationships start improving.

    The counsellor also discusses and explains about the procedures IVF, IUI, Surrogacy, Embryo Donation, and Sperm Donation etc that would be best suited according to the patient’s condition and helps them in making a decision. They talk about each aspect and supports the patient throughout the treatment to minimise the psychological trauma faced by the patient and ensure successful results.

    We want all our patients to understand that having doubts, questions and going through different emotional states is completely natural during fertility treatment. No matter what you feel like, just discuss it with your counsellor and we assure you that we will help you fight against it and win over it.

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