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IVF Treatment – In Vitro Fertilization

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In Vitro Fertilization Treatment

What is IVF?

In Vitro Fertilization is a revolution in Assisted Reproductive Techniques (ART), where a woman’s eggs are retrieved from her ovaries and fertilized with a man’s sperm and fertilised externally. ‘In Vitro’ – meaning fertilization takes place in regulated laboratory environments resembling that of a uterus. The embryo thus formed is infused back into the woman’s uterus to result in a fruitful pregnancy.

Our expert team at Motherhood Fertility and IVF Centers is adept at performing gentle IVF treatment process. However, it is not just the procedure; we also carefully counsel the to-be parents regarding the procedure, the after-effects, and the positive results. We understand that the IVF journey is bumpy, so we make it as easy as possible for aspiring parents.

Why is IVF done?

We recommend IVF procedure when initial fertility treatments like IUI or oral drugs do not bring any fruitful results. There can be plenty of reasons behind infertility. Our trained fertility specialists will thoroughly examine, diagnose, and prescribe the correct procedure to increase your chances of conception. It is performed to treat several infertility issues, viz.

  1. Endometriosis
  2. Blocked fallopian tubes
  3. Fibroids
  4. Male infertility issues
  5. Sperm anomalies
  6. Ovarian failure
  7. Ovulation disorders
  8. Genetic infertility
  9. Infertility for unexplained reasons, etc.
IVF Treatment – In Vitro Fertilization

Preparation for IVF Treatment

As per the doctor’s diagnosis, your medical history, and age, you will be recommended to get some blood tests done to check your physical fitness, hormonal balance, and ovarian reserve. You may be advised to make lifestyle and diet changes depending on the blood reports. In addition, an exercise regime and vitamin-rich diets are prescribed as oral medications for better hormonal regulation. All these are done to increase your chances of conception through IVF procedure.

What is the process of IVF Treatment?

We strongly believe in keeping it transparent at Motherhood Fertility and IVF Center, with no surprises, lots of support, and hope. Our gentle IVF process has helped thousands of aspiring parents conceive. It usually takes around 4-6 weeks, depending on the patient’s response to the treatment.

1. Ovarian stimulation

As the first step, the female partner is administered daily IVF injections starting from day 2 or 3 of her menstrual cycle for 12 days to increase egg production. Meanwhile, you will be advised ultrasounds and transvaginal scans to examine the ovarian stimulation process. These injections must be taken at the same time every day.

2. Egg retrieval

Once the eggs are big enough and checked through a scan, the doctor administers the trigger or HCG/GnRH injection to commence with the next step. Around 34- 36 hours after the trigger injection, the egg retrieval process is carried out under general anesthesia. The process will not be painful, and you may leave home within two to three hours.

3. Fertilization

On the day of egg retrieval, the male partner’s semen sample is collected and set to fertilize with eggs in a cultured laboratory environment. The fertilization process is carefully monitored under expert supervision until several embryos are formed.

4. Embryo transfer

After checking the quality of embryos, the best ones are chosen for transfer. This is usually done anywhere between 2-5 days after retrieval. However, we recommend the ‘blastocyst transfer,’ i.e., when the embryo is five days old and holds the utmost capacity to result in pregnancy.

Pregnancy test

Two weeks after the embryo transfer, we suggest a pregnancy blood test (beta HCG) to confirm gestation. Once the results are positive, you will be called for scans at regular intervals for a healthy pregnancy.

What if the first IVF fails?

We understand how eager you may be to see positive results. Our IVF procedure is fruitful in the first attempt for most cases unless your medical history has severe complications. If the first attempt doesn’t work, we perform three IVF cycles and set up frequent counseling sessions to help couples discuss their problems and find the appropriate solutions.

What are the risks involved in IVF Treatment?

There are certain risks related to IVF in general. However, at Motherhood Fertility and IVF Centers, we have a team of experienced professionals who have spent years treating infertility in couples. We ensure that all our procedures are followed with extreme precision to minimize all sorts of risks, such as:

Multiple births

There are chances that you may have twins or triplets. This can cause pre-term labor in some instances or may even result in low birth weight in babies. At Motherhood Fertility and IVF Centers, we carry out the IVF process efficiently and ensure that no more than two embryos are implanted per cycle to minimize the chances of multiple births.

Ectopic pregnancy

This is quite a rare scenario as IVF involves placing the embryo within the uterus lining. However, in cases like blocked fallopian tubes, chances of ectopic pregnancy may rise. Our state-of-the-art technologies ensure that all our procedures are performed exceptionally well to result in minimal risks.

Medicine side effects

IVF drugs and injections may lead to side effects depending upon body types and response, like hot flashes, abdominal cramps, nausea, or ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. Since we work with you very closely, we monitor all your health risks, previous records, and response types to prescribe the proper treatment with low risks.

Success Rate of IVF Treatment

Motherhood Fertility and IVF Centers has always had a high success rate for IVF. Our years of expertise, avant-garde equipment, gentle procedures, supportive staff, and the burning desire to help couples live their dreams allow us to work hard and offer the best services resulting in maximum positive pregnancy announcements.

It’s time to take that step…

Infertility, no matter the reason behind it, was never your fault. Do not fall into guilt and shy away from receiving the right treatment you deserve. We at Motherhood Fertility and IVF Centers welcome you with open arms to accept, diagnose, and treat, embracing your journey towards fulfilling parenthood. Join our hands on your journey to welcome your little bundle of joy!



Overall, IVF is not painful for most women, except for the injections they take for the initial 12 days. However, some may feel a little discomfort during the various phases of a cycle.

In vitro fertilization is ideal for every couple unable to conceive naturally and who has failed rounds of IUIs or oral medications. Whether the cause of fertility is from the male or female partners or even unexplained, IVF is the way forward.

Nausea, hot flashes, cramps, mild bleeding, etc., are some common side effects women experience during the IVF process. Other side effects include ectopic pregnancy, ovarian torsion, pre-term labor, OHS, etc. At Motherhood Fertility and IVF Center, we ensure to perform all procedures with a personalized touch to cater to the unique needs of every couple we work with.

IVF costs differ a lot from one medical facility to the other. However, depending on various factors, a rough estimate would be starting from Rs. 1.85 Lakhs* which is inclusive of Hormonal injections, Ovum Pick Up, Embryo transfer etc.

Women tend to put on some weight during the IVF cycle caused by fluid retention, especially during the superovulation phase. However, this slight weight gain is temporary since the hormones are excreted once the superovulation stops. Thus, it would help if you didn’t worry about long-term weight gain or loss due to IVF treatment.

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First step towards infertility is correct diagnosis and NOT treatment.