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      Fertility & IVF Counselling

      The cost of infertility counselling with the best fertility specialists costs around Rs 1000/- to Rs 2000/- per session. To know more about Infertility and IVF counselling, and other fertility-related treatments call us at 080-67238900 or click here to book your appointment with our top fertility specialists at Motherhood Fertility & IVF Centers.

      Special Benefits:

      1. Fertility & IVF Treatments are cashless and covered under insurance
      2. Special discount For corporate employees*
      3. Empanelled with all insurance companies
      4. Easy EMI options

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      First step towards infertility is correct diagnosis and NOT treatment.


      The counsellor and the psychiatric team will determine the type of counselling to be provided to the couple after assessing their emotional, mental, and behavioural patterns. The type of counselling differs from one case to another, but IVF Counselling encompasses support counselling, implication counselling and couple’s counselling.

      If you are feeling extreme negative emotions after receiving news of your infertility or if you are riddled with stress and anxiety when you have opted for infertility treatment, you can choose to see an infertility counsellor. You can also see a counsellor if you have been trying treatments for a while and they don’t seem to work. Also, if the couple or one of the partners is feeling worthless and suicidal, then they should most definitely see a counsellor.

      Infertility counselling can help you in more ways than one. It can help you process your emotional reactions after receiving news of infertility or after failed fertility treatments. An infertility counsellor can guide you through fertility treatments and its uncertainty and unfamiliarity. It can also help with marital problems and issues during and before the treatment

      The costs for infertility counselling depend on the years of experience of the counsellor and the type of therapy they offer. However, the range falls between Rs 1000/- to Rs 2000/- per session for a well-experienced counsellor.

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