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Pelvic Ultrasound Scan

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Pelvic Ultrasound Scan

  • The primary use of imaging in infertility is to assist clinicians to diagnose the ethology of a couple’s infertility and to assist in the delivery of safe, effective treatments that will lead to a high probability of conception.
  • It is common to use ultrasonography early in infertility investigations as it is a basic investigation.
  • Cyclic uterine and ovarian changes can be instantly evaluated and abnormalities, such as cysts, tumours, fibroids, endometriomas, hydrosalpinxes, and congenital abnormalities can be visualized easily to allow for appropriate therapeutic actions early in the care of the infertile couple.
  • Antral follicle counts can be assessed at any age to look for a reduction in follicle population, a clinical marker of early perimenopause reflecting a reduction in fertility potential.
  • Conversely, discovery of polycystic ovaries can stimulate investigations to confirm polycystic ovary syndrome and prompt counselling about lifestyle modifications and risks of ovarian hyperstimulation following ovulation therapy.
  • In addition, the viability, number, and location of gestational sacs may be visualized very early in pregnancy following ART. Ultrasonography has become an indispensable tool for clinicians to interpret images quickly and respond with timely, accurate decisions to deliver the most efficacious therapy.


Pelvic Ultrasound is a test that uses the method of sound waves to take or get pictures of the organs inside your pelvis. The pelvis is located in the lower part of the torso, between the abdomen and the thighs. A Pelvic Ultrasound is done when a doctor advises it.
Yes, Pelvic Ultrasound can be done on both men and women. Pelvic Ultrasound is used to view the Bladder, Prostate gland, Seminal vesicles in men, while in women, it’s used to view the Fallopian tubes, Ovaries, Uterus, Vagina, Bladder, and the cervix.
There are no significant preparations for a Pelvic Ultrasound. The doctor will explain the procedure according to your medical condition if you have any. There will be a set of rules and guidelines you will need to follow. The available set of rules requires the patient to drink a minimum of 24 ounces of clear fluid one hour before the procedure. You are not needed to empty your bladder before the test. The patient does not require to fast or be sedated unless the doctor says so.

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