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“I’m fortunate to have chosen the trusted experts in women’s health and fertility care. Because nobody understands women better.” – A quote from a couple that trusted Motherhood Fertility and IVF with their dream of parenthood.

For over 10 years, Motherhood Hospitals has been caring for women and their reproductive health, from simple diagnoses to more advanced fertility treatments. Backed by a team of renowned fertility consultants, embryologists and counsellors, Motherhood’s holistic approach to Fertility & IVF is helping countless couples become parents.

What’s more, Motherhood also offers financial aid in the form of cashless insurance options and discounts for corporate employees, ensuring that treatment costs don’t come in the way of the dream of parenthood.

Bringing everything together under one roof, to deliver fertility care like no other.

Our Strengths:
  • Trusted by 1 million women for their well-being
  • Couples’ counselling & support
  • Financial aid and Insurance
  • Comprehensive fertility care with best-in-class IVF labs
Our Services:
  • Ovulation Induction
  • Fertilisation
  • Follicular Monitoring
  • IUI (Intra Uterine Insemination)
  • IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation)
  • ICSI (Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection)
  • Blastocyst Implantation
  • Donor Services
  • Counselling Support & more…
When should you visit Motherhood Fertility & IVF?

Whether you’re a married woman who is working or a homemaker, you are under the assumption that if you are healthy, you are fertile.

However, couples can face quite a few hurdles while trying to get pregnant, even though the man and woman are both healthy individuals. There is nothing more heartbreaking than a woman and her husband having to see multiple negative pregnancy tests or getting her monthly cycle even after trying hard to get pregnant.
Medical conditions like endometriosis or previous miscarriages can further add to the emotional burden of the couple, and they start questioning themselves –

      “What is the reason for not getting pregnant when everything is normal?”

      “I have regular periods, but I am not getting pregnant.”

       “What could be the reasons for not getting pregnant?” 

In today’s times, a couple can grapple with many issues that can impact their fertility levels, without them knowing that either one of them or both may be facing infertility issues.

These include:

• Low sperm count/motility
• Testicular and prostate problems
• Age, obesity, lifestyle habits
• Irregular ovulation
• Blocked fallopian tubes

We at Motherhood Fertility & IVF with the help of renowned fertility consultants, embryologists and counsellors address the above concerns with a holistic approach. Thus, helping countless couples become happy parents.

What does Motherhood Fertility & IVF offer?

Offer 1:  Our FREE AMH TESTING offer, combined with our FREE FERTILITY COUNSELLING from our top gynaecologists and fertility specialists, will help you chart a perfect course of treatment plan for you and your partner to conceive successfully.

Offer 2:  If you’re being treated somewhere else for IVF and are not able to conceive, we also offer a FREE SECOND OPINION with our fertility experts.


What is an AMH test?

AMH or Anti-Müllerian Hormone test is a simple blood test to examine your ovarian mass or reserve (number of eggs left in your ovaries). This vital test can also help determine your IVF treatment’s success rate. An AMH hormone test can help doctors determine the best fertility treatment plan for you and your partner. The AMH hormone test normal range falls between 1.0-4.0 ng/ml—anything below 1.0ng/ml would indicate a diminishing ovarian reserve.

Why should I get an AMH Test done?

• AMH testing offers several benefits in assessing and optimizing your fertility, such as:
• Early detection of the quantity of your remaining egg supply to assess your fertility potential.
• Ascertaining the dosage of certain medications for ovarian stimulation to maximize your fertility success.
• Aiding in family planning in the future by assessing the suitability of egg freezing.
• Estimating no. of eggs that can be retrieved to give you a realistic expectation regarding the treatment outcome.
• Addressing age-related decline in fertility, allowing for a more detailed understanding of your fertility and curating a specialized treatment plan accordingly.

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