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Qualification: MBBS, DGO, MD (Obs & Gynae)

Starting a family is a huge decision for many couples and the road is rocky for some. Some couples end up facing bumps on the way, one of them being problems with conception. For some who opt for infertility treatments, IVF is a viable option and there are many qualified IVF doctors in Chandigarh who can help. However, finding the right doctor who can understand your case, guide you appropriately and who you can trust fully, is extremely important. If the doctor is such that you don’t feel comfortable with him/her, you will not be able to go through the procedure in a stress-free manner, leading to problems, eventually.

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While finding a fertility clinic with a high IVF success rate is important, having a doctor who can get your pregnancy successfully is equally important. While both go hand-in-hand, keep in mind that it is very important to review both as well, the doctor and the centre.

Here are some factors you can keep in mind while choosing the best IVF doctor in Chandigarh:

Amiable Personality
Is the doctor looking impatient and rushed? Do you feel like he/she will get annoyed with the questions you ask? Is she/she seeming snappy, judgmental or irritable? If the answer to these questions is yes, you might want to reconsider going ahead with that doctor. The best IVF doctor should be calm, open-minded, respectful and patient. He/she must be composed and understanding of your dilemma and absolutely not come across as judgmental. They must be approachable.

This is of critical importance in the field of infertility treatments as many patients aren’t fully aware of the procedure. The doctor must proactively educate and talk the couple through the entire treatment process, its duration, the risk factors, possible complications and prepare them mentally and emotionally. They must be available to answer any questions the patients may have and not give the patients a run-around of their office. They must be able to communicate in a manner that is simple and easy to understand. Motherhood Fertility and IVF Center – Sector 43, Chandigarh has IVF counsellors and psychologists who are experts in infertility counselling which helps patients prepare for the procedure emotionally.

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Attitude Of The Doctor

The doctor must make you feel excited and relaxed about the procedure and the prospect of having your own biological child. In India, IVF is still a stigma as many people feel that a test tube baby is not the same as having a biological baby. The doctor must be able to bust these myths and make you feel at ease with the procedure. The doctor must be able to reinforce positivity into the couple.

Having Adequate Knowledge

An extremely knowledgeable doctor will be able to avoid and navigate complications and risk factors to improve the chances of the treatment being successful. He/she must be able to answer any and all questions that you throw at them. The doctor must be equipped with the latest updates in their field and be abreast about technological developments too. 

Qualifications & Experience

Do a background check and ask for their complete qualifications, years of experience in the field, success rate, patient testimonials, nature of cases they have handled and how they have dealt with complications. Double check on their credentials and make sure that they are fully qualified to deal with your case. Ensure that the IVF doctor is certified by ICMR (Indian council of medical research board). Also find out whether the practitioner has gone for advanced training or fellowship in reproductive endocrinology and infertility. Motherhood Fertility and IVF Center – Sector 43 has a team of the best fertility specialists in Chandigarh, having years of experience in performing extensive infertility treatments such as IVF, IUI and ICSI. 

Check The Specialisation

There are many reasons why a couple cannot conceive. Many-a-times, the underlying cause can be incredibly complex and may need a fair amount of specialisation to be able to address the issue. Having a doctor who can treat what you have is the key. Do not go with a doctor who will diagnose you for what they can treat. 

Ethics And Confidentiality

Since most couples feel extremely awkward about their condition and may be hesitant to reveal full details, having a doctor who completely abides by the doctor-patient confidentiality contract is of paramount importance. Check with past patients about the doctor’s ethical and confidential nature to be reassured about this. 

Being Adaptive Towards Treatment

In IVF treatments, there is learning from each failed cycle. And after each failed cycle, the doctor supposedly deploys a new approach. But that doesn’t happen with each doctor and in cases where it doesn’t the patient loses faith and opts out of the treatment. When patients see and believe that their doctor is adapting the treatment they are more likely to stay and continue with the treatment. 

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Attitude Towards Multiple Embryo Transfers

The patient and the doctors both discuss and determine how many embryos will be transferred during the procedure. This is a decision that is of paramount importance and it will determine whether or not there will be a live birth, birth of twins, etc. It also determines the risk to the mother and the baby such as weeks of gestation, bleeding or infant death. While there are many reasons to choose single and multiple embryo transfers, you may want to know how the doctor approaches  this, the way they address these questions, what they are opposed to and how they may be able to guide you.

Attitude Towards Egg Donation

For many couples, the success rates are higher with donor eggs than using the patient’s own eggs. This is especially true for women who are above the age of 40. Yet, many patients are opposed to this idea and here is where the role of the doctor becomes important. In such cases, you need to know what the attitude, bias and behaviour of the doctor is like and if they are ready to convince the patient to use donor eggs. If a doctor doesn’t explain to the patient why using donor eggs will be helpful and they continue treatment using the patient’s eggs, it will lead to wasting the patient’s time and money.

Your infertility journey can end if you choose the best IVF doctor in Chandigarh. Don’t waste your time and energy in going with the wrong doctors and cut down the money you spend on tests and consultations by doing the following:

  1. Personally meet the doctor
  2. Ask relevant questions about your infertility condition
  3. Notice if the doctor is listening to you, being patient, ignoring the facts you present, etc
  4. Observe how the doctor’s staff and assistant are behaving
  5. Observe the doctor’s personality – see if he/she is rude, patient, calm, etc
  6. Check the doctor’s qualifications, specialisation, expertise
  7. Check if the doctor is honest, ethical, transparent

At Motherhood Fertility and IVF Centre – Sector 43 you can find the best IVF doctors in Chandigarh. The team has Dr Poonam Garg, MD, Fellowship in Maternal and Foetal Medicine (Spain) who has nearly 25 years of experience in the field. The team also has Dr Vandna Narula, MBBS, MD (Obs & Gynae) who has over 21 years of experience in Obstetrics and Gynaecology and has been working exclusively in the field of infertility and IVF for the last 12 years.

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