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Qualification: MD, Fellowship in Maternal and Fetal Medicine (Spain)

Parenthood is a dream that every couple holds close to their heart. The journey of conceiving a child and bringing them into the world is an incredible experience but some couples may face difficulties in conceiving naturally. Limitations may present themselves in the form of infertility due to medical or genetic conditions. IVF is a wonderful discovery in medical science that helps millions of couples in the world have their own biological child, like they always wished for.

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In simple words, IVF is a medical procedure where a woman’s eggs are fertilised with a man’s sperm in a laboratory. It is a form of Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) that helps a couple become pregnant with the aid of reproductive techniques. IVF is one of the safest infertility treatments when done at a well-equipped center under expert guidance.

Making a decision of undergoing IVF treatment is not easy, and therefore, it is paramount that you have the best team of doctors on your side to guide you through the process. But before taking that step, it is important to examine credentials of the doctors, IVF success rate and other such factors before zeroing down on an IVF centre.

Centre’s Reputation

Check reviews of the centre on the web and see what people are saying. Speak to patients who have been to the centre and ask for their feedback. Ask ample questions to ensure you have all the information you need. Consider the feedback while visiting the centre and speaking to the doctors. 

IVF Success Rate 

While nearly every IVF centre has the success rate displayed on their website, it is important to do some checks and discuss this figure in-person with the doctors and the clinic staff. Make sure you verify the success rate thoroughly before going in for treatment. The success rate differs as per the age group of patients and also according to the treatments offered at the centre. Women under the age 35 have a higher chance of having a successful pregnancy through IVF.  But that isn’t the case for women above the age of 40. Also, the outcome of the procedure is different for each patient. Some other factors that determine the success rate of IVF include:

  • Type of infertility
  • History of miscarriages
  • The patient having undergone IVF previously
  • Ovarian response
  • Type of procedure
  • Stimulation protocol
  • Quality of egg, sperm and embryo
  • Patient’s lifestyle
  • Embryo transfer 
The Motherhood Fertility & IVF Centre in Chandigarh has a high success rate with a track record of 15+ years of helping many couples realise their dream of starting a family. The centre has a consistent success rate in fertility treatments such as IUI, IVF, ICSI. 
Treatment Quality
Check if the IVF centre follows the highest standards of treatment which are guided by National and International Standards. The centre must update themselves with the latest standards and technologies so as to offer the best quality to the patients. This ensures that the patient’s experience is great, they don’t experience a lot of side effects and all possible risks are minimised. 
Experience Of Doctors & Staff
Meet the doctors and ask them about their experience, their credentials and get a sense of how they approach the case, the patient, and the treatment. Also, speak to the nursing staff, the counsellors, lab staff to examine their credentials and the quality of their work. 
Specialised Patient Care
Since IVF treatment is a complex procedure involving many steps, each patient may have different needs and some may require an individualistic approach to be taken by the staff and doctors. Hence it is better to ask the doctors and teams what their approach towards patient care is. Motherhood Fertility and IVF Centre in Chandigarh has a safe environment and supportive, caring staff members which include qualified and experienced fertility specialists, gynaecologists, andrologists, embryologists, nurses, IVF counsellors, and lab technicians.
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Facilities And Technology
Ensure that the clinic or the centre has the best-in-class technology and treatments available on-site. The Motherhood Fertility and IVF Centre, Chandigarh has state-of-the-art infrastructure and well-equipped laboratories including the latest equipment for embryo observation, managed by qualified specialists. The centre has in-house staff to provide expert consultation and carry out complex treatments.

Level Of Transparency

The best IVF centre in Chandigarh will be ethical and professional and won’t camouflage the costs or eliminate mentioning details about medical procedures. Discuss details about the procedure, ask as many questions as you want and seek all information that you need from the doctors. See to it that they answer all your questions in a satisfactory manner. Ensure that all costs are covered and that the amount mentioned in the beginning is the amount you finally end up paying. This will help you prepare yourself mentally, emotionally and also plan your finances appropriately. At the same time, see to it that the doctors explain the risk factors thoroughly and also maintain absolute confidentiality and discretion.

Provision For IVF Counselling
There is a lot of stigma around IVF as people still feel that a test tube baby is not the same as a baby born through a biological birthing process. It is therefore very important that the doctor is sensitive to the patient’s emotional needs and responses as they may have some misconceptions about the procedure or may be facing this stigma in the society as well. The couple may be having anxiety about the treatment or may be depressed as a result of backlash from their families or friends. They may also be feeling awkward about their situation or they may be carrying grief about the fact that they can’t have a child naturally. Opting for IVF treatment is a very difficult and emotionally challenging decision for a lot of couples and hence it is pertinent to ensure that the centre has a team of psychologists and infertility counsellors who can make the journey smoother for the patient.

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Lab Facilities
The lab at the IVF Centre must have modern, cutting-edge technology as that is what allows embryologists to maintain a healthy environment for the development of embryos. The Motherhood Fertility & IVF Centre in Chandigarh has the latest equipment for embryo observation, managed by qualified specialists.

IVF Cost In Chandigarh
Many couples opt out of IVF treatment once they find out about the costs and deem it to be very expensive. However, Motherhood Fertility and IVF Centre in Chandigarh is one of the few who offers EMI options through a loan facility @ 0 % rate of interest for IVF Treatment & Other Infertility Treatments. They also offer EMI options for HDFC debit & credit card members and 0% EMI through Bajaj Finance.

While undergoing IVF treatment may seem intimidating and an uphill battle, choosing the best IVF centre and team of experts will make the ordeal much simpler and uncomplicated. Make sure that all the boxes are checked before you sign up for the treatment and keep your and your spouses’ comfort in mind all the time.

Connect With The Best IVF Doctors In Chandigarh
At Motherhood Fertility and IVF Centre – Sector 43, Chandigarh, the IVF success rate is unparalleled as the hospital has a team of reputed doctors and staff, the latest technology backed by research and the best infrastructure. You can call 080-67238900 to know more about the treatment and costs or book an appointment to consult with a fertility expert.

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