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Qualification: M.B.B.S, M.S (OBG), DNBE, Advanced Training in High-Risk Obstetrics, Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine (FNB) Sonosalpingography is a medical technique used for infertility inspections. SSG scan has been known to find out the cause of failed pregnancy in the field of IVF treatment. Generally, a failed pregnancy is due to several underlying causes, one of them being the tuboperitoneal factor, i.e. the factor that stems from problems in the fallopian tube. SSG test is done to check the fallopian tube. While the SSG full form in medical translates to sonosalpingography, the test is also known as the Sion test.
SSG test for Blocked Fallopian Tube

Fallopian tube and SSG medical procedure: why should you go for a SSG test?

The fallopian tube is a female reproductive organ that connects the ovaries and the uterus. The function of the tube is to carry an egg from the ovary to the uterus. It is also the site of conception. The fertilized egg moves through the tube to the uterus for implantation. Any blockage in the tube could adversely affect the process of fertilization. SSG test for pregnancy is, therefore, a crucial step in detecting pregnancy-related complications.

Blocked tubes could result from scar tissue, infection, or pelvic adhesions. Research highlights that tuboperitoneal factors alone account for about 30-40% of female infertility in India. In most cases of infertility that stemmed from a blocked fallopian tube, it was found that the woman was unaware of it unless she tried to get pregnant and faced trouble with conceiving. SSG ultrasound is therefore a significant step in detecting infertility.Few cases have been recorded where women felt mild and regular pain on one side of the abdomen . SSG test results reveal any form of blockage in the fallopian tube. The SSG report is completely focused on portraying any kind of blockage in the fallopian tube which makes SSG treatment a significant part of IVF treatment.

The popularity of sonosalpingography tests: what makes the SSG infertility test so popular?

An SSG scan evaluates the tubes of the uterine cavity. This process is also a part of the pre-IUI test. It ensures that the tubes are healthy for an IUI treatment. SSG fallopian tube test is done after the menstrual period or flow stops. However, in women with irregular cycles, the test shall be performed at any time.SSG treatment has gained popularity as the test has no side effects. SSG medical test is non-invasive and thus very popular in IVF Centers. Another reason for the popularity of SSG lies in the fact that it is less time-consuming. It ends within minutes and doesn’t involve any kind of radiation.SSG test reports are also generated in less time while SSG costs a minimal amount in Indian clinics.

Sonosalpingography procedure: an insight into SSG medical test

The SSG test procedure mainly involves the injection of saline in the endometrial cavity. The SSG injection results in cavity enlargement which makes detection of blockage easier. The fluid motion also aids the detection process. Before the injection of saline, the SSG procedure involves the insertion of a speculum in the vagina. This facilitates a clear view of the cervix. The cervix is now cleaned with an antiseptic solution and then a thin tube is inserted into the vagina with the help of ultrasonic guidance. It is at this point that the saline is injected into the endometrial cavity, slowly and gradually. SSG tube test is carried out in the testing lab where the patient is asked to lay on the table with bent knees and legs wide apart. SSG sonography isn’t a time-consuming method. Post injection and observation, the patient is asked to have a light meal for a few hours and then discharged. The patient can now continue with their daily routine normally. SSG medical procedure is thus not a complex one that would take weeks.

Sonosalpingography test is painful: Is it?

SSG test painful experiences have been shared by women but that’s nothing to worry about. It might be painful in a few cases but there are medications for the same and it also depends on the body type. However, the SSG blood tests might be uncomfortable due to vaginal discharge.

Sonosalpingography test cost in India: An insight into the SSG test price

Sonosalpingography costs a decent amount in Indian clinics. However, SSG test costs might get hiked due to additional charges that include clinic charges, charges for antibiotics courses, consultation charges, and more. An estimated range for SSG test price in India could be taken somewhere between 1000-3000 INR.

While SSG test cost in India accounts for a minimal expense, one can easily locate the best clinic for this test by typing: “SSG test near me” or “sonosalpingography test near me”.More information on SSG shall be found on the internet like SSG test full form, best clinics for SSG, need for SSG, and more.

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Sonosalpingography (SSG) is a diagnostic procedure primarily used for evaluating patency of fallopian tubes. SSG is a useful screening tool for investigating infertility problems.
You may experience cramping or light bleeding following the SSG procedure. Most doctors advise the patients to take anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve discomfort.
Generally, SSG test is performed between day 5 to day 12 of the menstrual cycle i.e. when the menstruation has ended, and ovulation has not yet started(to rule the chances of early pregnancy)
HSG test (hysterosalpingography) is an X-ray examination of uterus and fallopian tubes after radio opaque dye has been placed into the uterus. A SSG test is an ultrasound procedure where the uterine cavity is filled with saline.
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