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Qualification: M.B.B.S, M.S (OBG), PG Diploma in ART AND Reproductive Medicine

IVF Treatment Costs in India: All You Need to Know

Conception and pregnancy is a natural process. However, not everyone finds it easy to conceive a baby. Especially people who try to start their family at an advanced age. In Vitro fertilization is a great option for such couples struggling to become pregnant. 

Deciding to consult a fertility specialist and opt for IVF procedure is a crucial step in a couple’s life. There are several factors you need to consider before choosing a specialist and facility. One of the most important ones is the IVF treatment cost.

This blog will give you insights on factors that determine IVF cost in India.

What Is the Cost of Performing an IVF in India?

The IVF treatment cost in India depends on several variables. The specialist, location of the facility, the IVF procedure, medications, and the success rate determines the overall expenses. 

If the process involves additional procedures like, donor sperm/eggs, repeated cycles of IVF, or egg freezing there are additional charges. The average costs may range between INR 1,50,000 to INR 2,95,000.

Factors That Determines the IVF Treatment Costs in India


India has a fast developing medical landscape. The treatment costs of even major procedures are comparatively reasonable. Choosing the right IVF center is a significant step towards the pregnancy journey. 

Among other factors, treatment expenses are the one you can’t avoid. The advanced technology helps infertile couples conceive a baby. However, the expenses often surpass the decisions.

Here are some factors that help you determine the overall expenses:

  1. The IVF cost depends on the treatment facility’s location and reputation and the fertility specialists expertise. It also depends upon the number of IVF cycles.
  2. The treatment cost includes initial consultation, procedure, and follow up appointments. However, this may vary depending on the facility.
  3. The treatment cost includes diagnostic tests like semen analysis, blood tests, and ultrasound scans
  4. Sometimes you may need hormonal tests and medications to stimulate the ovary. It will add on to the treatment cost.
  5. A laboratory will nurture the embryo for a few days after fertilizing the egg with a sperm. This will include the laboratory charges.
  6. The number of IVF cycles for a couple is an important factor that determines the cost. 
  7. IVF requires at least a half day stay in the hospital. It will include charges of anesthesia, doctor’s fee, and operating room charges.
  8. Age of women plays a crucial role. The IVF treatment cost is generally higher for older women. They will require more IVF cycles.

Also the quantity and quality of eggs are poor in older women. They will need medications to stimulate the ovary.

  1. The use of donor sperm or eggs will increase the cost of treatment.
  2. India has a comparatively lower rate of treatment cost. The large number of IVF facilities available and competition in the medical industry is the reason. Another reason why the cost is low is, the government is promoting medical tourism.
  3. Most of the insurance companies do not have a complete coverage for IVF in India. Health insurance plans consider IVF as an elective procedure and not a necessity.

However some companies may provide coverage for a part of the procedure. Most companies provide insurance for consultations and diagnostic tests only.

How to Choose an IVF Clinic Keeping Treatment Cost in Mind?

Money is an important factor in determining the IVF facility and specialist. But remember, it is an effective way for infertile couples to conceive. Always try to choose a facility with experienced doctors, good reputation, and high success rate. 

It is best to do online and offline research, read reviews, and take advice from relatives and friends. Couples must select a facility that meets their requirements and budget. Some ways to reduce the cost while selecting a clinic are:

  • There are many fertility clinics around you. Make sure to select the right one. Facilities may boast about treatment success rate. It is your duty to validate the data. Selecting a good quality facility can increase the chance of IVF success. 
  • You can talk to friends and family with personal experience. People with similar financial status as yours can help find the right option.
  • While choosing a clinic see that all facilities are available. Choose clinics with diagnostic testing facilities. You don’t want to shuttle repeatedly between the clinic and diagnostic centers. It can add to your expenses.
  • Try selecting a clinic which is easily accessible from your location. Ease of access is important but clinic reputation and treatment quality comes first.

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