Blastocyst Transfer

The term “Blastocyst” refers to the embryo after 5-6 days of fertilisation. In a standard IVF Cycle two-three day old embryos are transferred to the women’s womb but in a blastocyst transfer, the embryo is transferred after an advanced stages of five-six days. This gives the embryo enough time to divide many time over into many more cells thus increasing the chances of implantation. 


Why Blastocyst Transfer?



  • Hand Selected Embryos: – Only developed embryos are selected for the procedure which increases the chances of pregnancy. We have also noticed an excellent survival and pregnancy rate in frozen blastocyst.
  • Higher Pregnancy: – Research suggests that blastocyst transfers increases the chance of pregnancy.
  • Frozen Embryo Transfer: – It is also found that frozen embryo have greater survival and pregnancy rates.