Ovulation Induction Process

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    Ovulation Induction Process

    Ovulation Induction involves taking medications to stimulate the development of female eggs in the ovaries. This increases the chances of conception through timed sexual intercourse or through artificial insemination.

    What does Ovulation Induction involve?

    • Assessment: – The Specialist will assess your ovulation cycle through blood tests to measure hormonal levels at specific stages of your cycle. An ultrasound test is also performed to see the development of follicles in the ovaries.

      Stimulation: – The ovaries are then stimulated with proper medication to promote the growth of follicles which contain the female eggs.

      Monitoring: – The cycle is then monitored very closely with regular blood tests and ultrasounds to check the number of follicles.

      • Timed intercourse or artificial insemination: – When the time of ovulation is perfect, the specialist will advise you the most appropriate day to have intercourse to maximize the chance of pregnancy or to perform an artificial insemination.

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