Dr. Chandan N

MSc, PhD, EMB Senior & Chief Embryologist

Dr.Chandan is a motivated and enthusiastic embryologist with significant experience in and around India. He has Completed his Master graduate (M.Sc.) in Microbiology from Bangalore University and PhD from Prescott university of London ( UCCA Accredited ). Currently working as senior chief embryologist at Motherhood Hospital.

His dedicated work was recognised by American college of embryology and he is the 4th registered Clinical Reproductive Embryology practitioner in India.

Dr.Chandan got trained at CREST – Centre for Reproductive Education & Specialist Training, is Asia’s first fertility training centre at National University Hospital (NUH) in Singapore and EART – Embryology Academy of Research and Training for his embryology practice. He further updated his interest on PGD and got trained by Hamilton Thorne in Bangkok, visiting neighbouring countries for embryo biopsy for PGD . His skills and knowledge were greatly utilized by many IVF hospitals to troubleshoot and set up IVF labs in and around the country.

Dr.Chandan is open minded and is renowned for his excellent approach in Embryology. He is honest, caring, innovative, scientific and friendly. He believes in using the latest procedures and most effective protocol options available to help patients not only to conceive but to deliver healthy babies. He believes in a naturalistic approach towards embryology procedures. He has done around 7000 IVF cases, 40,000 IVF inseminations, 30,000 ICSI injections with fertilization rate of 80% on average, 5000 Laser Assisted Hatchings, 15000 vitrification and thawing with survival rate of 90% on average and an IVF pregnancy success rate of more than 60%. This happened because of a successful IVF team.

In 2017 June he was recognised and certified by the American College of Embryology. He is the 4th embryologist in India recognised by the American College of Embryology.